Carson Knupp

About Me

My name is Carson Knupp. I have one sister and 2 step siblings.I’m 16 and a junior at Elverado highschool. I originally grew up in Anna and then moved to jonesboro until I graduated 8th grade.After that my dad passed and then my family moved up to Elkville. I’ve been going to Elkville since freshman year and I have made some good friends. I have gotten really close to my friends at my school. I help my mom with her and my step-dad's business sometimes. I am hardworking and determined when I commit to something. I plan on going to collage to either major in psychology so I can become a therapist.

About My Business


Maximize Mindset, owned by Carson Knupp, is a clothing line that’s all about Maximizing your Mindset. Every piece of clothing will have reminders to stay focused. You can directly contact me at






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