Benjamin Deshazo

About Me

My name is Benjamin Lee Deshazo and I'm a senior at Trico High School. Currently, I spend most of my free time reading, bowling, and hanging out with my dogs. When I graduate high school I plan on going to John A. Logan College for my History Education associate's and then transfer to SIU for my Bachelor's. I aspire to be a history teacher, business owner, and published author. One of my greatest dreams is to own my very own bookstore. 


About My Business

Shazzy’s Speedy Delivery, owned and operated by Benjamin Deshazo, is a grocery delivery service that provides scheduled grocery delivery to anyone who is unable to get their weekly groceries. Unlike similar services, Shazzy’s offers this exclusively to small communities that usually don’t get commodities like grocery delivery. You can find more information about Shazzy’s Speedy Delivery on Facebook at Shazzy’s Speedy Delivery. 







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