Rhett Jones

About Me

Rhett Jones was born in Carbondale, Illinois. He was raised in rural Ava on a farm. Throughout school Rhett has had great behavior and grades. In high school, he averaged a 4.6 GPA, and was always on honor roll. Rhett is a responsible and determined student. He has also been involved in extracurricular activities such as FBLA, baseball, and trap . Rhett began playing baseball when he was six years old with the Trico Pony League. In 8th grade his Jr. High team, the Trico Pioneers, won the state championship. From sixth to ninth grade Rhett also shot trap. During that time he won the top gun award and served as a squad leader.   For the last two years Rhett has worked for Baker Brothers in Ava. He has also worked the US Open and the Grand American shoots for the American Trapshooting Association (ATA). Rhett is a hardworking and trustworthy employee. 






DISC Characteristics

  • You like taking a slower, more methodical approach to making decisions.
  • You like a flexible environment that allows for creativity.
  • • You prefer an environment that allows for lots of consistency, dependability and structure.
  • You are known as an accurate fact-finder by others.