Max Valerius

About Me

Max Valerius was born in Carbondale, Illinois, and grew up in Elkville, Illinois. Max has great team working skills and is extremely hardworking, which he shows through being a three-sport athlete, while also competing in IHSA team chess state finals. Max has shown great time management skills and has proved his knowledge by keeping straight A’s, and being selected for high honors for his entire high school career, all while having to juggle extra-curriculars, and even being a dual-credit student at John A.Logan college. Max has proved to be a great leader as he has been elected to his school’s student council the past 5 years, was Student Council president, and Beta Club president his 8th-grade year, is his junior class President, his Student Council Treasurer, and was selected as an outstanding leader by the Illinois Principals Association in 2019. Max has great involvement with his community and has shown his commitment and dedication by being engaged in multiple clubs in his high school such as, Student Council, Beta Club, FCA, FFA, Bass Team, and Chess Team. Max is interested in getting a higher education at SIU Carbondale and staying close to home.






DISC Characteristics

  • You are very decisive and a risk-taker.
  • You are sociable and outgoing with others.
  • You are an active and optimistic agent for change.
  • Your approach to working with others is usually tactful and respectful.