Landon Buser

About Me

Landon Buser is a Junior at Elverado High School with a long track record of high performance. He has been top of his class for the last three years, all while taking dual credit closures through John A. Logan college. Landon plays chess competitively on the state level in the spring of 2019 he had the honor of being selected to play second seat for the team. Landon’s chess team won first place in of 2019, bringing home a trophy at the tournament. Landon was presented with a  Award in 2017 by the American Legion, an organization chartered by Congress in 1919 which focuses on service to veterans, servers members and communities. Each year the award is present to area youth in recognition of their courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship, and service. 

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DISC Characteristics

  • When you lead, you tend to do so by doing, not by delegating.
  • People find you charming to meet and to converse with on a variety of topics.
  • You like having a strong identification or connection with the group, organization, or mission.
  • You are excellent at gathering detailed information and examples.