Faith Svanda

About Me

Faith Svanda was born on February 11, 2003 and is currently a junior at Murphysboro High School where she is involved in several extracurricular activities like: Dance, all while maintaining an impressive above 3.5 GPA.

As a member of the 2020 Jackson County CEO program Faith is known for being a highly detail-oriented team player that is always ready to meet new people. “Faith immediately stood out as one of the hardest workers in the room,” says program facilitator Nic Skovgaard, “She is clearly very driven and organized, always busy taking notes during class.”

In addition to furthering her education Faith has a passion for dance and has been competing at both the state and national level since 2014. In one of her first competitions Faith and her duet partner took third place in the Star Quest National Dance Competition in Galveston Texas as part of the Studio 84 Dance Studio in Murphysboro. As part of the MHS Devil Dazzlers dance team, Faith even had the chance to compete at IHSA state this past year. 

Although Faith loves to dance, she has larger entrepreneurial aspirations and hopes to someday open her own daycare. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with family and friends. 

As an amateur film producer she made her film debut in 2017 with the classic “A Day at Target” known for is Blair Witch style camera movements and one of the explosive umbrella fight scenes ever caught on camera.  

Fun fact: she is adopted.

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DISC Characteristics

  • You like to take a more mild-mannered and measured hand in dealing with others.
  • You tend to be always ready to converse with a group, even with people you've just met.
  • You are an excellent team player.
  • You are very conscientious in delivering high levels of detail