Samuel Han

About Me

Hello! I'm Samuel Han. I am a Senior at Carbondale Community High School. I am 17 and am very excited to work with everyone while taking Jackson CEO. I am a Football athlete! I also contribute to other sports for Carbondale Community Highschool, but in my spare time I help run a Martial Arts Business.

About My Business

Here at Han’s Martial Arts, I promote fitness, self-defense, and personal growth.

I’ve been doing martial arts for 15 years now. Learning and teaching many things that improve the best qualities of Martial Arts.

My vision is to take my time teaching to enhance and successfully see that upward spiral in all my clients.

When you invested your time in Hans Martial Arts you are investing time on improving your skills, confidence, and proving to many that it is possible to push past your set boundaries.

My business looks to bring the full potential stored within. So, whether you are looking for self-defense or strength in new abilities. Hans Martial Arts is here for you.

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