Karmelo Abernathy

About Me

My name is Karmelo Abernathy! I currently attend Murphysboro High School, and i’m class of 24’. I appreciate the CEO program, and all the knowledge and experience it provides. Years from now I plan to do real estate and own many businesses!

About My Business

Bible Complex is one of the few or only Christian clothing lines in Southern IL.

This name represents the Bible and how many different relations, and connections it has to the people and the world around us. This is how I chose to spread His word. I’ve decided to help mycustomers by building their faith and relationship with God through clothing. I’ve set myself apart by combining the aesthetic, hippy look, with Biblic sayings and quotes.

I want to spread God’s Word in a way that is appealing to all ages. The designs give off a comfortable feeling as well. The vision I have for my customers is to find the Gospel, and spread it in a fashion desirable way. I am achieveing this by creating a product that speaks for itself. I want the experience that my customer receives to be something to remember.

I am proud to say that I have made a mission to spread God’s. I hope to inspire others to do the same, and make a shift in the world around us. In all, I plan to give my customers the faith to find God, and spread him throughout communities to make a difference in the world around them.

So let’s take a step closer to faith, and follow my journey on instagram @Biblecomplex_ and tiktok @Biblecomplex.






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