JaKaryion Bankhead

About Me

I'm JaKaryion Bankhead, a Junior at Murphysboro High School. I'm invloved in  Beta Club, Jackson CEO and a student athlete with 3.9 GPA.  In the years to come I wish to graduate high school and continue my education in college majoring in business and finance and later becoming a real estate agent with hopes to open my own agency one day.

About My Business

FLAWS Clothing, owned and operated by JaKaryion Bankhead, is a company that reates clothing so that people can wear clothes that symbolize imperfections. Each piece of clothing that we make has a flaw represented in the pattern and design. This helps show you and others around you what your inner beauty truly looks like! Flawless.

Flaws are in the eye of the beholder and we’re here to create clothing that says: all flaws are beautiful. FLAWS is a clothing brand that encourages self-love, acceptance and the freedom to wear your individuality with pride. Clothes that make you feel confident, comfortable and connected to your unique flaws.

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