Garrett Franklin

About Me

I am Garrett Franklin, I am a senior from Trico High School. I am big into the sports of golf, fishing and trap. I joined CEO because I would like to learn in depth about the ways our local business leaders have become sucessful. As I am going to college for a degree in accounting, I also joined CEO to meet people in this area of epertise to learn from them and to know people whenever I get into this field myself. As many people in this class are I am excited to join the CEO family,

About My Business

Lone Fescue, owned and operated by Garrett Franklin, is a lawn care service provider for rural communities. At Lone Fescue we provide a high-quality service for areas that lack a service provider. Our high quality doesn’t stop at our services but spreads to our customer service as well. We provide an online platform our clients can use to set up automatic payments and online schedules. Our information can be found on our Facebook page at Lone Fescue Lawn Services or on our website.






DISC Characteristics

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