Abigail Cook

About Me

My name is Abigail Cook, and I am currently a junior at Murphysboro High school. My plans for the future are to go to an art design school after I graduate and study graphic design. Eventually I would like to become a successful package designer and graphic designer, owning an agency in the distant future. My plans for my senior year are to continue my CEO business and ensure that it is well and thriving. Update my portfolio for my future career constantly and stay business with my work in graphic design. 

About My Business

Captivating Creations, owned and created by Abigail Cook is a graphic design agency that provides logos, websites, flyers, business cards, journals, and mugs/water bottles. Our goal is to bring your business and brand to life. We research what you want in depth to ensure your needs are fully met. There is so much value in a logo and by choosing Captivating Creations your business will meet its full potential. Contact us on our instagram and email @captivatingcreations.23, and captivatingcreations.23@gmail.com


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