Kaitlyn Hanson

About Me


Kaitlyn Hanson was born in Belleville, Illinois. She lived in Ohio before moving here in 2010. She is a junior at Carbondale Community High School. Kaitlyn is a part of Key Club, Lifesavers, Yearbook, German Club, Student Council, and Rotary Interact Club. Kaitlyn has also been in cheer volleyball, and softball for the past seven years. She earned several awards including cheer captain for two years. Kaitlyn has earned student of the month several times throughout junior high for outstanding character. She enjoys multiple extracurricular activities, and had experience in taekwondo, dance, and swimming for multiple years. Kaitlyn has played the drums since 2013 and the flute since 2015. By 2014, she was playing college level music. She has received multiple music awards, including her schools Vergie Parish award for earning the most awards from contests such as 1st superiors. Since she was a kid, Kaitlyn has loved to help out in her community and was in girl scouts for 7 years. She also helps out in her church, and even plans to go with her church to volunteer in Haiti. This allowed her to develop great people and leadership skills. By being in these clubs and sports it has allowed her to also develop communication skills and time management skills. Kaitlyn is a very committed person. She plans to attend Liberty University which is a private Christian school and hopes to become a forensic scientist.