Audrey Cruz

About Me

I was born in Georgia, raised in Biloxi,Mississippi, then finally moved to Cutler, Illinois. I grew up with 9 siblings, each of them different and crazy. So to say I dont have some type of people skills would be lying. While still in Mississippi, in school, I was awarded top readers in my school placing in 1st place at one point. I am mostly an AB honor roll student sometimes having an A honor roll from time to time. I was in chorus and was awarded music awards for multiple occasions. Another award that I was presented was 2nd place in an art competition. I am a self taught artist, so to earn 2nd place was exhilarating to me. I speak Spanish fluently, and am CPR certified for 4 years now.  As of right now, I am into multiple extra curricular activities and clubs such as Band, performing arts, tri-music honor society and was invited to join national honor society. I have also earned 1st superiores in band playing my baritone, and earned 2nd superiore in vocal singing. In the band I play mostly my baritone, but this year I was put on Tuba and now I'm excited to play it for marching band but kind of dreading it because of how big it is on me. What I mean by why I’m dreading it is that I am a 4,10 ft tall person and it's absolutely huge on me, but they put me on it, so I'm going to do my best and nothing less than that. I am a person who loves to talk to people and love making connections. I would love nothing more than to be involved in any group activities or just one on one. Of course I’m a little bit shy in the beginning but once you get to know me I’ll be with you thick and thin. I like to think I'm a confident person, and I know for sure I'm determined. Once I set my mind to something, I'm going to accomplish it. For example I said I would work two jobs and I did and I am currently working at Murphy DQ and Crazy joe’s fish house. And I'm sure now thanks to this I have great time management skills. As for the things I’m interested in are Astrology, baking, and Art, it's been mostly art for now, and I hope to go to Art school in NYC otherwise known as NYU. As of lately I started an Art Tik Tok account and it’s given me a lot of encouragement to pursue this career, thanks to the people on there. As of right now I only have 4.8K followers on there and I hope to continue that account, it gives me motivation to draw and improve on my skills and the people on there have been really kind. I had originally started the account just for fun, but now it seems I'm now invested in it.






DISC Characteristics

  • You are usually very supportive of decisions made by others on the team.
  • You tend to meet new people in a confident and appropriate manner.
  • You are an excellent team player.
  • You prefer a neat, orderly and structured work environment.