Quotes from today’s episode of “How to Leverage Your CEO experience” with the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship.

“I learned that it’s not as hard to speak with new people as I sometimes think it might be.” - Adreanna

“I learned that you have more connections than you think” - Zac J.

“I learned to get straight to the point.” - Monica H.

“I learned that your networking connection is very important, and continue stretching your comfort zone in order to learn and grow as a person.” - Shealee S.

“You can be afraid to talk to people, but you have to do it anyway.” - Aubrey K.

“You have to make opportunities for yourself instead of waiting for one to come to you.” - Zoe H.

“Expect the unexpected” - Zac J.

“Not to be scared of new things, to say yes to things more often. To put effort into making connections with the people around me.” - Adreanna E.

“Aside from continuing my business for the time being I think my CEO experience will help me when I am working in just about any area of life. Whether that is applying for a job, working at it, volunteering, and more!” - Shealee S.

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