The CEO program has 3 goals for serving the 4 High Schools in Jackson County (Carbondale, Murphysboro Eleverado and Trico).

1. Business Concepts - We strive to teach the students business concepts in a non-traditional setting. We meet at local businesses, have guest speakers or meet in local conference rooms for "classroom" days 5 days/week.
2. Networking - Our goal is to help the students grow their network by introducing them to local business owners and community leaders.
3. Economic Opportunities - We highlight local businesses so the students can learn about career opportunities in their hometown and surrounding areas.

Students, if you are interested in the CEO program, please visit our website and begin the application process (applications are being accepted thru March 6th).

Business owners and community leaders, let us know if you would like to get involved! You can be a mentor to a student in our program, host a site visit, be a speaker or become an investor. Email us at to discuss how you can get more involved!

Carbondale Community High School District 165
Trico Senior High School
Elverado CUSD 196
Murphysboro CUSD 186

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