“There are no words to share how proud I am of this group of young entrepreneurs. Over the past several months I’ve seen so much growth in each and every one of them it’s almost unbelievable.

Last night our class put on a murder mystery dinner For over 100 people at the Murphysboro Elks Lodge and it went off without a hitch. Every single member of our class stepped up to make it happen. They worked together, did what needed to be done and made sure that the guests had an incredible time. That is what the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship and the Jackson CEO program does. It pushes students out of their comfort zones and beyond what even they think is possible. From public speaking roles and problem solving to spreadsheets and tracking the events profitability these students worked like an efficient team all night.

Our event was a stunning success that will provide seed capital for each student to launch their own business next year and graduate high school as the CEO of a company they founded. I cannot wait to see what this group goes on to do from here!”

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