A huge thank you to Mr. Dallas Terry for visiting this morning! He listened to the team pitch their class macro biz and asked important questions that needed to addressed before the big event this Saturday, December 8th!

He shared phenomenal advice with the students regarding sales and commission. He told the group about the importance of creativity in sales, explaining that you must do something new and different that gives you an entrepreneurial edge. One of the best pieces of advice he may have given this morning is the idea of not allowing yourself or others to undersell you just because of your age. He also reminded students that people are interested in their class macro biz and Jackson CEO because they are interested in them and their success. It's all about the experience that they provide for their target audience to make them feel connected to the students. Lastly, he shared that while this may not have been what was expected, it will be useful going forward as they start their individual business! Thank you so much to Mr. Terry for coming in to help out the JCEO team! We loved having you! -jj

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