First Semester Recap

Susan Willis

Susan Willis Photography
Susan has been involved in multiple youth entrepreneurship programs.  This is the second year she has spoken to Jackson CEO, and she spoke at the Rotary's Youth Success Rally.  She shared some great information on creating and maintaining a professional persona.

Class Business Idea Evaluation

Each year, the members of Jackson CEO come up with many different ideas for their class business.  This year, Alex from Straight Up Business Institute allowed us to use an outstanding tool which helped us decide which idea would work best. 

Gabby Jeschke

Soap Sisters
Gabby Jeschke, graduate of Jackson CEO and owner of Soap Sisters, came and spoke about her business and the effect CEO had on her.  It's always great to see our members stay involved.

Karissa Mooney

Edward Jones
Karissa Mooney invited us to her office to share some great advice on financial planning and responsibility.  The tools and knowledge she has made these difficult topics much easier to grasp.

Mentor Breakfast

The turnout for the mentor breakfast was tremendous!  In partnership with 13Pro, the young professionals' arm of the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce, we held a mentor matching event at Sunny Street Cafe.  This will give the CEO entrepreneurs a professional to work with on their individual businesses.  We appreciate everyone's involvement.

Martha Cropper

Teach My Kenyan Children
Martha Cropper has a mission to teach the children of Kenya.  To that end, she has brought her skills as a baker to the table.  Through the sales of the cheesecakes you can see in the pictures, she will continue to work on bettering the situation of these children.

Connor James

Meaningfull Books
Connor James, owner of Meaningfull Books, shared his story with the members of Jackson CEO.  He told of his successes and his failures, something that is absolutely invaluable to these young entrepreneurs. 

Class Business Presentation

Elverado High School
Flynn, Gage, and Kennedy spoke to the juniors and seniors of Elverado High School about the upcoming class business, How to Adult.  They opened with an explanation of how Jackson CEO works and why the class business is important.

Gary Shafer

Southern Illinois Airport
Gary Shafer hosted a tour of the Southern Illinois Airport and all that it contains.  The entrepreneurs saw the automotive program, hangers, training simulators, and many other parts of the airport.  They even got to pose with the car Jennifer Lopez drove in the Fiat commercial.

Nic Skovgaard

AlterEgo Marketing
Nic Skovgaard has been involved with the Jackson CEO Program for years.  This year, he was instrumental in bringing mentors to the entrepreneurs, and here, he shared insight into what it takes to market an event.

Carl Rexroad

Carl Rexroad, owner of Bookworm, taught how to write a press release that will get printed.  It was fantastic to see the entrepreneurs understand this type of writing that is largely new to them.

Speed Networking

Two of the Jackson CEO entrepreneurs participated in a speed networking event hosted by 13Pro and the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce.  They got the opportunity to practice the elevator pitch for the individual businesses on other professionals from the area.  It was invaluable!

Russ Williams

John Maxwell Team
Russ Williams, Professional Coach, Speaker, and Teacher with the John Maxwell Team, facilitated an activity with the members of Jackson CEO.  Over the course of the time, they opened up and learned to trust and how to communicate effectively with one another.

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