Jackson CEO is an investment in the future.

Learn more about what’s happening with the Jackson CEO Program

Getting into Jackson CEO isn’t easy. The Students have earned their spots in this program, and we believe in them. Learn more about each Student in the program here.
The Jackson CEO Facilitator has been selected. Ken Stoner has a background in business and education. He is devoted to the program and to his students. Learn more about him here.
Come and meet the people behind Jackson CEO. The Board is made up of members of Jackson County’s business and education communities. You can read about the members here.

The CEO program:

  • Is funded by business investors
  • Is open to high school juniors and seniors
  • Selects students through a rigorous application process
  • Serves students from public and private high schools
  • Meets for 90 minutes each day
  • Provides 2 high school credits
  • Utilizes area businesses as classrooms
  • Visits dozens of area businesses each year
  • Hosts 50-60 guest speakers each year
  • Emphasizes 21st century Learning skills
  • Provides the opportunity for each student to start their own business
  • Provides a mentor from the business community for each CEO student
  • Hosts an annual trade show to showcase student businesses

What is it all about?

Entrepreneurship education seeks to prepare people, especially youth, to be responsible, enterprising individuals who become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial thinkers and contribute to economic development and sustainable communities. The CEO program is much more than a textbook course. Rather, students are immersed in real life learning experiences with the opportunity to take risks, manage the results, and learn from the outcomes.

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Craig Lindvahl, CEO Founder, and Effingham investors talk about how the CEO program works and will affect our communities.

Jackson CEO Investors:

CBDC Carbondale Business Development Corporation
John Cherry
John and Karen Pfeifer